Special Event Station GB5HCL – Lighthouses on the Air – 22nd&23rd August 2020:
Due to subsidence in one of the sea facing walls, and current government advice and restrictions, we seeking clarification as to the viability of participating in the International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend from Hurst Castle near Keyhaven using the callsign GB5HCL – see details on QRZ.COM.  This is, as always, a great weekend (if a bit blowy sometimes) with upwards of 40 to 50 lighthouses/lightships contacted and many other stations. In 2019, best DX was Japan on SSB and FT8. Best lighthouse DX was Orkneys and Portugal.

Training 2020:
Due to current restrictions, we have currently suspended all training courses until further notice.

We hold regular courses, exams and practical assessments as an RSGB registered centre in our dedicated Training Room.
We can accommodate people on an exam only basis but this would need to fit with our own course and exam schedule.

Note that as from 1st September 2019 the training for all three levels of the course changed, with the syllabuses at Foundation and Intermediate being expanded. This will necessitate a review of our training resources and may require additional time for both our Foundation and Intermediate courses. See our Training page for further details.