TRAINING: Face-to-face training courses have recommenced – register your interest using our Contact form.

We run regular courses as an RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain) registered centre and the amateur radio licence is structured in three steps – Foundation, Intermediate and Full (a.k.a. Advanced), taken in sequence, although progression is not mandated and you can ‘stop’ at the level of your choosing. 

With each level you do gain more privileges in terms of power output, access to bands, operating abroad, etc. The starting level Foundation course is not too technical and is a good way to experience aspects of the hobby without too much commitment or cost and therefore would be ideal for a younger person, our youngest ‘pass’ in recent times was 8 years old so age is not a barrier at this level. 

The Foundation course currently runs over one weekend (Sat and Sun) followed by a single day for revision and the exam (normally the following Saturday, but is flexible). The exam itself is multiple choice, 26 questions/55 minutes taken in the afternoon, and we run these at fairly regular (every few months) intervals.  In contrast to some other Clubs, we try and agree dates to fit with our candidates rather than picking an arbitrary date in advance – we find that works better for everyone. So we can’t give you a precise date for the next course until we have a few more candidates ‘wait listed’ – keep coming back to our website and check out the News page – or ask to be “wait-listed” (via our Contact page) and we will contact you nearer the scheduled date.

The Intermediate course currently runs over 5 or 6 Saturdays (again there can be flexibility on days), with the exam on the last Saturday. We can also provide an “assisted learning” format to the course – where we agree a schedule with the course participants based on their availability.

Similarly, for the Full course, we normally provide just the “assisted learning” format.

As we don’t routinely train minors (and therefore our trainers are not DBS checked), we would ask that a parent ot guardian accompanies a minor (for all of the course) or perhaps the parent or guardian could do the course as well (assuming you’re not already licensed).

Our Clubhouse is accessible for those with mobility impairment (level entry), however, if you require a reader (to assist with the exam paper) we are currently unable to offer this facility owing to strict RSGB rules regarding competent persons.

You can find out more about amateur radio in general on the RSGB website and the RSGB’s Getting Started.

If you are thinking of taking a course, please use our Contact page to let us know your requirements without making a commitment at this stage. We endeavour to take all of the candidates needs into account – so that the best schedule for each course is determined